As we frequently turn on our air conditioning system in our car this summer we should consider the health of our air conditioner. It is so important that it is in good condition for the heat, not only for your comfort but also for your health.

A regular car air conditioner service will help to ensure optimum passenger comfort, particularly on those hot summer days when you need it the most.

A car air conditioner is designed to remove the hot air from within the vehicle cabin and dispel it to atmosphere outside the car. In order to do so, the air conditioner system relies on a number of components to operate effectively, such as the evaporator, condenser and compressor. Like all mechanical parts, these items are prone to wear and tear. A regular system servicing from auto repair Wake Forest, NC helps to protect them from breakdown

Prolong the life of your air conditioner with these 5 tips from Top Notch Car Care Center.

1.Run the air conditioner once a week for about ten minutes. This will maintain gas pressure to keep the compressor working properly. When you do this, be sure to turn it to its highest fan speed and coolest setting.

2.Run defrost mode for about five to ten minutes. This prevents mildew and cleans out excessive moisture, which can lead to unsavory odors in your car.

3.Use your air conditioner in winter. In addition to cooling your vehicle, one of the air conditioner’s primary functions is to remove humidity from the cabin. It works especially well when you need to remove fog from the windshield to improve visibility.

4.Re-charge your air conditioning system. Every two years refresh the cooling system with gas and lubricant.

5.Get a full air conditioning service. Head to your local auto repair Wake Forest, NC car care and service center every two years before the hottest months of the year begin.

Keep your air conditioner healthy with these five tips. Top Notch Car Care Center of Youngsville, NC is the best local mechanic serving Youngsville and Wake Forest NC with all ASE-certified technicians, the highest quality parts, and personal, friendly service.